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4 Types of Incidents

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  3. Travel Incidents

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A Bomb Alert can happen: In Your Building, in a Neighbouring Building, out in the Street near your building, on Public Transport, at a Major Infrastructure (motorway bridges/tunnels) or in the community where members of your staff are visiting. 

Bomb Alerts can be visual, audial or be first noticed as the smell of burning – you could see a suspect package, see people running away from a suspect package, be held up on the Motorway because of a suspect package or you can hear a warning being shouted or hear an explosive device as it detonates.  You could smell burning as an incendiary device ignites.  You could see, hear and/or feel a bomb explosion as it happens.

Your business could receive a Bomb Threat telephone call, text or email, or you could receive a suspicious item/package in the post or via a courier.  Is your business prepared for a Bomb Threat...?          PLAN - PREPARE - PROTECT... It could SAVE LIVES

A Marauding Attack is an attack on life where a terrorist travels through a crowded place, via foot or in a vehicle, attacking people with weapons along the way.

A Marauding Attack can consist of a single perpetrator and single location, multiple perpetrators in a single location, multiple perpetrators and multiple locations.

The perpetrators could carry weapons, guns, knives, acid, bombs and may also use vehicles as a weapon.

What would you do if Terrorist burst through your office door RIGHT NOW...?  What would you do if you heard Terrorists shouting out in the street below your office window...?  Where would you tell your staff and visitors to hide during a Marauding Attack...?  Don't worry... All this and much more is covered in TIMS Portal.


A Travel Incident (for this purpose) is a term used to indicate that travel has been disrupted by a Terrorist Incident.  This could be a Bomb Alert on a train or at a train station, Toxic Substances found on road surfaces or lodged under road bridges, travel disruption at Airports due to suspicious activity.

Most businesses have staff who travel as part of their day-to-day work activities and most staff travel into work by some form of transport.  It is during travel when most people feel safe, contained within a moving bubble that holds their every requirement.

Travel Incidents can be some of the most challenging incidents to both plan for, and protect staff against... But don't worry... TIMS has got it covered!


Police Lockdown: This is usually Police and/or Security Services activity; property searches, people searches, roadblocks, public arrests, building lockdowns, evacuations and/or invacuation of buildings, related to terrorist activity.  Police activity and Police Lockdowns could cause disruption, distress and fear for both your staff and visitors.

Police Lockdowns can happen anywhere at any time.  Terrorist can take off from a Terrorist Incident and hide in remote towns and villages miles away from the site of the initial attack.  Terrorist can live on your street, work in your building, share the same water-fountain... When the Police come looking for them your building may be placed in Lockdown... Are you ready for this...?


The Terrorist Incident Management System (TIMS) has been designed to make use of techniques detailed within the standard BS EN IEC 31010:2019 - Risk management, Risk assessment techniques. Some of the prescribed techniques are incorporated within the TIMS methodologies which positions the fundamentals of the system on a firm, tried and tested scientific foundation.


By infusing TIMS into your business processes, you can also contribute to the compliance and guidance established by a number of international, European and British Standards. It Contributes to good practice, in support of various clauses in:

BS EN ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management Systems

BS EN ISO 14001:2015 – Environmental Management Systems

BS EN ISO 45001:2018 – Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

BS EN ISO 22301:2019 – Security and Resilience. Business Continuity Management Systems

BS EN ISO/IEC 27001:2017 – Information Technology. Security Techniques. Information Security Management Systems

BS EN ISO 22313:2014 - Societal Security. Business Continuity Management Systems

BS EN ISO 22301:2019 - Security and Resilience. Business Continuity Management Systems

BS ISO 31000:2018 - Risk Management.

BS ISO 22320:2018 - Security and Resilience. Emergency Management. Guidelines for Incident Management

BS ISO 44001:2017 - Collaborative Business Relationship Management

BS 11200:2014 – Crisis Management Guidance and Good Practice

BS 65000:2014 – Organizational Resilience


TIMS, when implemented on a meso / macro level may contribute to successful compliance within the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 and its associated amendments.


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