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The Terrorist Threat: Recent terrorist attacks, on our people and our cities, have left most of us reeling from the carnage and loss of life this has brought into our daily lives; as s nation, we have grieved together for our losses, not just by the count of human lives lost and the countless people left with life-changing injuries, but also the insidious loss of the inner freedom to consider ourselves safe when going about our day-to-day routines.

Social media and instant messaging services can present us with images and sounds of a terrorist attack, either live or within seconds of it taking place. This instant reporting exposes us to the details of the physical harm or death of innocent people along with scenes of blast devastation and the utter carnage related to the "live" terrorist attack... Given the nature of the recent terrorist attacks, it is reasonable to conclude that any one of us could get caught up in a terrorist incident during our workday activities.



How Vulnerable is YOUR Business and YOUR Staff to a Terrorist Attack...?  The first step in protecting your business from any type of Terrorist Incident is to determine the level of Vulnerability for your business, to any such attack. To do this you will need to carry out a full Vulnerability Assessment.

All businesses are different, even businesses within the same business sector will have a diverse range of vulnerabilities. Some businesses are situated in what could be considered to be a more vulnerable location, increasing the probability of a terrorist attack, or, do business in a way which a terrorist would deem to be more targetable; many people gathered in one place at a known time.  Don't be fooled into complacency... All businesses are at risk from the effects of a Terrorist Network... Do you really know the people you employ...?




The TIMS Assessment Portal... The Terrorist Incident Management System, (TIMS Portal) is designed to suit all business types.  Its main aim is to support businesses to better manage and risk assess the four main categories of Terrorist Incidents we cover, helping businesses to SAVE LIVES during a Terrorist Attack.

The TIMS Assessment is carried out via our unique TIMS Portal; live 24/7.  It affords all business users a walk-through automated system and in-depth assessment process, allowing for Data-driven decisions, using both visual and virtual assessment tools.  TIMS assesses the four categories of Terrorist Risks covered and cross-references these risks with 7 Area Risk Classifications: Location - Premises - Sector - Client Profile - Staff Profile - Staff Duties - Other. TIMS Portal then produces Automated Reports for you to print off, including a Terrorist Incident Master Risk Register... TIMS MRR



Staff Training:  Terrorist Incidents, on the level we are experiencing them today, is a relatively new occurrence.  An act of Terrorism is a Unique Category of Risk, therefore a Terrorist Incident poses a very different kind of risk for your staff and clients alike; a terrorist attack comes out of the blue and arrives with extream third-party violence that few of us have ever witnessed.  All staff need to be trained on what to do, when to do it and how to do it.  They also need to be trained on how to spot radicalisation activity and what to do if they suspect that it is taking place within their working environment... BIG Ask for most businesses!

Blue Marble Communications Limited has designed an online Terrorist Awareness Staff Training Programme to Complement the TIMS Assessment Portal.  The Terrorism Awareness Training will come with its own staff handbook and will be available 24/7 on the TIMS Portal. A full Staff Training Package will be available online soon.   

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