The TIMS Information Page
Step 1: Sign Up to TIMS Portal

TIMS Portal Sign Up and Login Page

When you decide to Join the TIMS Portal, you will be directed to the TIMS Portal - Sign Up and Login Page...  You will be presented with two options as below:

1) New clients will need to click on the Register button and follow the onscreen instructions. 

2) Returning clients can go directly to the Login button and Login using their email and password details.

Step 2: Onsite Assessment

Identifying Risks & Hazards

Site Tour | Perimeter Walk | Include Other Members of Staff:

Having printed off the Assessment Forms from the TIMS Portal, take a Site Tour of the business premises, including a Perimeter Walk if necessary, to;

  • Identify the Risks and Hazards for the category you are working upon

  • Record the Risk or Hazard within the appropriate space on the form. (You can do this step directly onto the TIMS Portal if you wish, using any mobile device or tablet.)

You will be asked to

Log New Risk

Bomb Alert

Marauding Attack

Travel Incident

Police Lockdowns

You will be asked to choose which Terrorist Incident Type you want to log first...

Step 3: Log Risks on Portal
Step 4: Mitigate Risks on Portal

You will be asked to Mitigate all the Risks & Hazards you have added to the

TIMS Portal

Opposite are a just a few of the steps you can take to Mitigate

TIMS Mit SC 1.png
Step 5: Review Risks on Portal

Reviewing Risks on TIMS Portal

Regularly review risks identified in the TIMS Master Risk Register.  Document any actions or events that change the status of a risk, for example: Changes to a risk evaluation as a result of improvements in controls.  Add new Risks.

Few workplaces stay the same. Sooner or later, you will bring in new working practice, or employ new staff, bring in new procedures that could lead to new Risks and Hazards. So it makes sense to review what you are doing on an ongoing basis, look at your risk assessment again and ask yourself: Has anything changed? Do I need to add a New Risk?

Step 6: Master Risk Register

The TIMS Risk Register... a tool in Risk Management for the 4 Terrorist Incidents covered in the TIMS Portal. It is used to identify potential risks in your organisation, sometimes to fulfil regulatory compliance but mostly to stay on top of potential issues that can derail intended outcomes.

The risk register includes all information about each identified risk, such as the nature of that risk, level of risk, who owns it and what are the mitigation measures in place to respond to it. TIMS Reports are Automatically Created using the information held within the MRR.