The Quiet Network...

Trained, Effective, Discrete

The Safer Way to Deliver Excellence

  • Terrorism is Everybody's Business - From Sole Traders, through Trade Associations, to Multi-National Businesses, we are all in this together

  • The Terrorist Threat is LIVE - REAL - NOW

  • The Business Community acting in Common Unity, in a way which supports our Security Services to better deal with the Terrorist Threat

  • The Security Services require us, being the Business Community, to lead the way with information, awareness and staff training, allowing this knowledge and knowhow to infuse throughout society, building safer communities, empowered with greater awareness

Why should YOU join The Quiet Network?

  1. Increase YOUR Network base

  2. Increase YOUR Knowledge and Knowhow

  3. Increase YOUR Revenue Diversity

  4. Foremost, you will be fulfilling the social responsibility, incumbent upon all of us, to make our workplace and society as a whole, a safer place to just be... 


We need Experts

  • Security Professionals

  • HR Professionals

  • H & S Professionals

We need Trainers

  • B2B Trainers

  • Specialist Trainers

  • Security Trainers

White Cover

  • Trade Associations

  • Solicitors & Accountants

  • Networking Groups

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Business Excellence in Practice

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Strong beliefs in lasting beneficial relationships are at the heart of our philosophy. With comprehensive experience across the Engineering, B2B, Rail, Automotive, Military / Aerospace industries, the Retail Sector, Hospitality, Service Sector, Franchise Sector, Business Security and Farming Sector, we know we can bring real value, tangible cost savings and improvements to your business.