The TIMS Portal - 6 Simple Steps

Step 1: Sign Up to TIMS Portal
Step 2: Onsite Assessment
Step 3: Log Risks on Portal
Step 4: Mitigate Risks on Portal
Step 5: Review Risks on Portal
Step 6: Master Risk Register

The TIMS Portal is an effective tool for most businesses to Assess, Record and Manage the four types of Terrorist Incidents we cover.  It is a highly Automated System offering the business a raft of reports to support business compliance, including a Master Terrorist Incident Risk Register. 

The TIMS Assessment is carried out via our unique TIMS Portal; live 24/7.  It affords all business users a walk-through automated system and in-depth assessment process, allowing for Data-driven decisions, using both visual and virtual assessment tools.  The TIMS Portal logs the four categories of Terrorist Risks covered and cross-references these risks with 7 Area Risk Classifications: Location - Premises - Sector - Client Profile - Staff Profile - Staff Duties - Other. TIMS Portal then produces Automated Reports for you to print off, including a Terrorist Incident Master Risk Register... TIMS MRR -  See The 6 Steps Below...

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