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Handle In-House (DIY)

Handle In-House (DIY Option)

The TIMS Portal is designed to support all business, regardless of size or sector; we believe that any business can gain value from the Assessment Process.

For a small change of (£360 + VAT), any businesses or voluntary organisation can gain full access to the TIMS Portal on a DIY basis; including the TIMS Portal, Assessor's Handbook and all associated Reporting Facilities.  The TIMS 4 Business Team will offer online support covering the use of the TIMS Portal if required.


By choosing this option you will need to choose an in-house assessor, allocate in-house time to carry out this work and management time to discuss the outcomes.


Blue Marble Communications

Full Consultancy Option

The TIMS Portal is designed to support all business, regardless of size or sector. 


Whilst we understand and fully support the needs of the small business who want to manage their own assessments on a DIY In-house basis, we also acknowledge that the majority of businesses will require greater input from Blue Marble Communications.


To support your requirements, we can offer a Bespoke Consultancy Service, covering all aspects of the TIMS Assessment and Auditing Model, to any business wanting to take up this option.

TIMS Portal
How it Works &  What's Included within the
TIMS Package
TIMS Portal
Who is it For?
How much does it Cost to use the TIMS Portal?
TIMS Portal
Multiple Sites
Franchise Sector
Community Groups
White Cover

Single Business Use:

  • Full Use of TIMS Portal 24/7

  • Assessor's Handbook

  • 4 Terrorist Incidents Covered

  • 7 Area Risk Catagories Assessed

  • Automated Risk Scoring

  • 2 Stage Mitigation Process

  • Automated Reports

  • Risk and Hazard Review Section

  • Full Print-off Facility for Every Action

Single Business, Single Site £360 + VAT

Multiple Site Use:

  • Single Business with Multiple Sites

  • Franchise Sector

  • Community Groups / Voluntary Sector

  • Trade Associations

  • B2B Trainers

  • Specialist Sectors... Care Sector / Construction

  • Accountants / Solicitors

  • HR Professionals

  • Education

White Cover and Bespoke Options Available


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