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EVERY Business needs a Terrorist Incident Management System...

Every business, even within the same business sector, is different and has its own unique set of complex security requirements for their location, premises, staff duties and client profile.

Sharing Expertise is a critical component when it comes to managing the Terrorist Risk we face today in the UK and Worldwide: That's why TIMS4Busienss needs your expertise. 

Terrorism is a Unique Category of Risk and comes with Multiple Risks and Hazards.

Terrorism is not an area of specialism where one method fits all businesses.

TIMS 4 Business is the first Portal,  Assessment and Auditing Process to fully address and better manage the Terrorist Risk, utilizing best business Practices, meeting the required Standards.

Blue Marble Communications leads the way when it comes to managing the risks associated with the Terrorist Threat...  Delivering Business Evolution with Integrity, to create Excellence.

Share Your Knowledge and Expertise with TIMS.  With your help, we may SAVE MORE LIVES

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